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This an edited excerpt of an exchange on a motorcycle owners club message board:

(M) [POST]: Yes ladies I’m about to do my annual Christmas shopping for all of you at my favorite womens gift stores, Victoria’s Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood. Please post your measurements so I can purchase gifts that will fit you correctly.

(F) [RESPONSE]: Well in Victoria’s Secret it all depends on what your talking about. You’ll have to call my husband on that.

Fredricks of Hollywood.. I have all I need from them.

Now in Areostitch I did see a few things I liked.

“Now, in Aerostich”, she says…

For the uninitiated, let me compare Victoria’s Secret with Aerostich.


The lady who responded is a lovely woman, physically and spiritually, whom I watched getting smaller as she jammed on her 1500 cc motor trike down a mountain road that would make some flatlanders dizzy just looking at it on a map.
Not far behind on her Honda Magna was my own beauty, the Hot Granny, wearing last year’s Christmas present, a stylish modular (flip front) helmet.

Asked what she wanted for Christmas, this year, she expressed a desire for a mesh jacket.


Now, do you wonder that old school types declare “them tits belong behind me, not beside me”? I like a woman dressed like a cosmonaut as much as the next guy, I guess, but I understand the sentiment. I mean, you try to develop a good business relationship with Larry and the guys down at
Hot Honeys Sexy Bikershit and Nipple Gloss Warehouse and the bargains end up stuffed behind the little woman’s Kevlar jump suit.

Oh! And those thigh-high boots with the spiky heels you bought from your sister when she married that Sunday school guy? Forget about ever seeing them on a foot peg!

But, I run on.

All BS aside, I got to tip my hat to the ladies for being responsible riders and wearing serious protective riding gear.

Too bad it doesn’t come in see-through.


Written by fiddle mike

December 16, 2007 at 2:42 am

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