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The dust hasn’t settled, and won’t for another week but I’m calling the Christmas of ‘ought seven’ an unqualified success. Christmas Eve, the Hot Granny, and I, met the kids and the little one for supper.

Now, Jill can put together a pretty slick itinerary, and late Christmas morn found us back on the bikes and headed back into town where we were meeting the kids for the
First Ever Annual Family Christmas Lunch Run.

Daughter is still a little green, not having a lot of time for motorcycle practice, so this day was ideal for what we had in mind since traffic was light. With Jill in the lead and Daughter behind her, the lad and I rode sweep, ready to discourage any cagers from driving close to our newest rider.

Our route took us down Ocean Dr, which follows the curve of Corpus Christi Bay, to U&I Restaurant, at the edge of down town.
The place has changed hands several times over many years but the quality of food and service has been maintained.
When in Corpus Christi, eat at U&I Restaurant.


Part of our plan was to get a picture of us with our bikes, so on our return trip we pulled in at one of several parks that line Ocean Dr. for a little do-it-yourself photography. The sun was pretty low, by then, but I think the results are passable.


The Kid had other obligations and had to leave, but Daughter rode out to the Bluff with us where she and Jill made cookies, then popcorn while they watched Futurama. I did my part by eating cookies and sleeping on the couch.


Written by fiddle mike

December 26, 2007 at 3:56 pm

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