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OK, I was a slug.

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Yeah, I blew off the New Year’s Day ride. The weather was OK, the wind had laid down, some, and the temperature was somewhere around 50° at departure time but I just wasn’t up for it. The ride was headed across the Bay to one of the Wingers’ house. He throws a good barbecue in his barn and the Wingers are great people, but I guess I just wasn’t up for a slow ride, this a.m.

I was hoping to start the new year off with some photographs, at least, but the best I could do was a couple of shots of the clutch cover of my 1995 VT 600-C Honda Shadow.


The bike was a little neglected  while out of my hands and my plan is to pretty her up, beginning with the engine side covers. I have already run a piece of #400 and #600 wet sandpaper over the clutch side and hit it a lick with 4/0 steel wool and metal polish just to knock some of the oxidation off and see where the starting point is.


There are a couple of spots on the rounded edged, and near the brake pedal, where the metal has been exposed and buffed, some. The spots already shine like a diamond in a goat’s ass.

I hope to leave the cover on this side of the bike since I’ll have better access after I remove the exhaust.

The left side will have to be removed for gasket replacement. Oil has blown back on it and left it in a little better shape than the right side.

So, there you have it, that’s my New Year message. I’ll get back to you as things develop.


Written by fiddle mike

January 2, 2008 at 1:37 am

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