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Ive Been Everywhere_ Bayside, TX.

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A group called “Two Wheeled Texans” sing the old Hank Snow song, “I’ve Been Everywhere”, replacing the names of the towns with those of towns located in Texas. My Valkyrie owners club has decided to take photographs in all those towns, Bayside being one of them.

Bayside, TX sits aside SH 136, our favorite route to use when leaving Corpus Christi. I say, “aside” because its one of those small communities that never really crossed the road; almost all of it is on the Copano Bay side of the highway. I’ve driven past Bayside countless times, but today we pulled off the slab and checked her out.

First, we rode to the bay, itself, and found a very nice beach park and pier.


Part of my personal mission was to find the hotel where an erstwhile companion took refuge, years back.


A local told us that this great old mansion was, at least at one time, a sportsman’s hotel. The historical marker tells us that it’s the real deal, not a re-model.



The water tower, unlike the post office, has the town’s name on it, as does town hall.


As we were leaving Bayside we pulled over on the shoulder to take a photo of one of the best little sandwich shops in this part of the state. The lot is packed on weekends, and, of course, after Memorial Day.


When in Bayside, eat at Crofutt’s Sandwich Shop and Bakery.


Written by fiddle mike

February 17, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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