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The sky was overcast, the temperature in the mid 60’s, the wind was blowing and some mist was trying its best to be rain. It was the kind of day that cried out to be ridden in.

This day, the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff, and I, did something we hardly ever do. We rode south.

Actually, there’s a park 50 miles away in Kingsville, TX, she likes to bird watch in, Dick Kleberg Co. Park.
King, Kleberg and Kenedy are all important names in this area, connected with history, philanthropy and the King Ranch, once largest in the world.

The park is not manicured to sterility, it’s even a little down at the heels, maybe. I like it.


The creek that runs through it is named “Escondido (ess-cone-THEE-tho) Creek. In English, “hidden” creek, and I suspect is was, in times past. There’s something of a dam across it to make a pond for the park. We walked across the dam to the undeveloped side of the creek where my companion proved, still again, that she cannot stay on the path (its part of her charm).


The old pier has certainly seen better days, but is a good vantage point for the dedicated birder.


The Sexy Granny was delighted that we ran up on a flock of beautifully colored, noisy, scolding Green Jays. They are Deep South Texas birds that hardly ever fly north of our town and a species she was hoping to see.

Personally, I could give a flip, I just like watching her walk around.


Written by fiddle mike

February 19, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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