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Good Juju and Fast Bikes

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Friday p.m. the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff parked her Honda Magna and told me it hadn’t started when she was ready to leave Port A and had to be jumped. I went to the shed to remove the battery for charging and found that baby making noise that indicated that hot gas was escaping from an opening that shouldn’t exist. As they say en Espanol, “Es no buena por chit”.

Saturday a.m. the Yellow Pages fell open to Dynamo Cycle. I took that as a sign and called. I was told, “Its your lucky day”. They had a Magna battery in stock they’d let go for 109 US simoleans (plus tax). I thought, “Jeez, that don’t sound very lucky”, then the salesman went on to tell me that they had a warranty return that tested good (they suspect the bike has charging system problems). I could have it, as we say in Espanol, “pilon”, that is, for only the cost of the ride across town in the sunshine to pick it up.
Which I did.

On the way to Dynamo I noticed a bunch of sport bikes in a mall parking lot and made a point of returning that way and check it out.
Sport bike club, Cyclone Riders MC, two of whose members (I was told) are custom painters, had a show and club fundraiser happening.

Right out the chute, I ran into a fire fighter friend who owns a Firefighter Edition Harley-Davidson, as well as sport-touring Triumph. He liked this bike. Maybe it will be the next FF bike.

While he was admiring the motorcycle I chatted with representatives from one of the sponsors.


I wondered around and checked out some custom paint jobs, some more fancy, some less, but each making a statement about the bike’s owner.


Then, I spotted this baby. Three cylinder, two-stroke 750cc motorcycles are a blast from the past, seen more in shows than on the streets, these days. You can see this one on the drag strip.

While I’m in the past:
Back in the day, green paint was considered bad mojo, a hard luck color. Times has changed, I guess.
This beauty was one of a handful of Harley-Davidsons shown.


Someone hollered and bedamned if it wasn’t Wild Bill and Kay, from out in the Bluff. We did some catching up while we rubbernecked the motorcycles and people watched. One of custom paint jobs we thought was pretty slick was on a bike not in the show.

We wandered past the dynamometer truck, which was dynamometing pretty steady.

About this time, a stunt demonstration began, and we had to check it out.


I was enjoying the afternoon but my conscience got to dogging me about the Magna battery in my saddlebag so I shook and hugged, put on my hat and gloves and skinned it back to the big Bluff.

I installed the battery, pushed a button and the starter turned so fast that only dogs could hear it. In less time than it takes to think about it Jill’s Magna fired up just like God and Soichiro Honda intended.

That gal just lives right, you know?


Written by fiddle mike

March 15, 2008 at 11:24 pm

Posted in motorcycle

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  1. Excellent report Mike, thanks for sharing! “Pilon”, now where have I heard that before? lol



    March 16, 2008 at 9:03 am

  2. nice bikes !… strange… but she looks familiar to me also…


    March 17, 2008 at 4:26 pm

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