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An employee had tipped me off to metric bike show to be held this past Saturday over in town (as we say), at Cycle Plaza. She said the event was to benefit PALS. Neither of us knew what the acronym ”PALS” represents. We considered, ”Pets Against LesbianS”, but figured that was just not politically correct (as well as being, perhaps, a little silly). All the same, I put the event into the data bank and, Saturday afternoon, snagged a box of kitty chow with which to buy raffle tickets, and got my scram on.

Nationally, Cycle Plaza is rated as a top dealer so I wasn’t surprised at the successful turn out, even though staff and management were taken a little off guard. I stood eyeballing the crowd, looking for somewhere to put my kibbles, when I spotted a smiling face I could put a name to.

The name is Samantha and the face is this one:


Samantha is a friend of the family, as well as a competent salesman, lady rider and ray of sunshine, so I side-tracked her for a minute to chat. She was the event’s official videographer, a wise choice as she is passionate enough about video to have enrolled in film school.
Break a leg, Samantha.

Having said hello and stopped by the donate table, I began enjoying the motorcycles. The judging categories were, ”originality”, ”cleanest design” and ”most insane design”. I’ve been out of the loop, I guess, I’m not familiar with insanity as a design concept, but then, I wasn’t showing a bike so, WTF.
Of course, my eye was immediately drawn to this great old Triumph, neither original nor insane, but certainly clean.


This motorcycle was a little before my time but was turning up as beautiful customs when I was a lad.


Cycle Plaza is a  Yamaha, Kawasaki and Victory dealer but other marques were represented at the show, as well.


This is definitely not your granny’s Intruder.

Now, if you don’t know that sport bikes are a for-real part of America’s motorcycle scene, you just haven’t been down to Sonic Drive-In on a Saturday night. The boys and girls are dead serious customizers, too. This bike took several awards, including most original.


Personally, I like the elegant simplicity of this entry.


The nice stainless and chrome accents didn’t hurt none, either.


That’s right, that’s a laughing gas bottle. If you are not familiar with NOS gas, it is injected into the engine of an already blindingly fast motorcycle to make it so quick that only Buddhist monks can contemplate it’s existance.

Not as fast, and a little closer to home (but, not real close) was this Royal Star with bold finned truck stacks that fairly shout, “I’m from Deep South Texas!


I wandered around rubbernecking and howdying till Wild Bill waylaid me and we went into the dealership showroom to check out the Victory Vision, “the first American Luxury Tourer to come along, etc. etc.” The General Manager came by an told me to go ahead and try it for fit.


I don’t know… I think it makes my ass look flat.

Along about this time something told me I hadn’t eaten for a while so I said my adioses and found my mount. As I was preparing to leave I waited for this Hyonsung 650 to go by.


Yeah, that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Oh, by the way! When we were in the mall, last week, this circus girl in a tutu, plug hat and white face started messin’ with me (in a fun way). Not knowing what was up, I messed back and she ended up giving Jill and me tickets to Cirque du Soleil, for Saturday night. We were seated above VIP but below ”nosebleed”, about where I’d have chosen, given the choice. The circus was wonderful!

Then we went home and I didn’t get laid. I felt young, again.


Written by fiddle mike

March 23, 2008 at 5:56 pm

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  1. “Then we went home and I didn’t get laid. I felt young, again”

    You must of wore her out with all that silk sheet swingin’you were doing from the rafters of your bedroom…. obviously motivated by watching the gals at Cirque du Soleil.
    Next time…leave the swinging to Tarzan…he is the king of swing after all…

    Enjoyed the report Mike, thanks again!


    March 25, 2008 at 3:44 am

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