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When I got serious about writing a blog I figured that I could find something worthwhile to relate, at least, once a week. Well, this week wasn’t like that. The most exciting thing I did was to feed my frog collection. I keep it outside along with my insect collection.

Another week got by me but we are a week closer to the first groovy camp-out of the year, Hotglue’s annual “Gathering of the Fools”, near Houston, TX.

We’ve attended this birthday bash for a couple of years, now. The sexy granny and I, along with a few other purist types, camp out in the back forty next to the stock tank. Of course the only stock around there now is red-eared turtles and water moccasins. Last year we camped on a high spot knowing that many inches of rain was predicted. We were told that the tank might overflow if the creek flooded, but we’d know ahead of time as the snakes would abandon the pond ahead of the rising water. Its amazing what people learn when they live close to nature.


So, we’re all hot, wet and quivering to get up there and Jill’s bike eats a voltage regulator. I’ve ordered it, paying extry for fast delivery. It would be double plus good if it arrives on Thursday. Send good vibes.
I’ll get back to you as things develop.


Written by fiddle mike

April 1, 2008 at 12:35 am

Posted in motorcycle

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