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Gathering of the Fools

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Once again, we had a great time at the Hotglues’ “Gathering of the Fools”, near Houston.
We packed the tent, and most of our gear, on the Valkyrie in Jill’s “Nelson-Riggs” sissy bar bag, and put the remainder in a roll bag on the Baby Shadow and, of course, our saddlebags.

Loading the Valk

We had the bikes pointed north and warming up when Fed-X arrived with the part I’d ordered for the Magna.
Since we were not in a big hurry (and Jill really wanted to ride her bike) we installed the new part and switched the luggage from the Shadow.
Then, we skinned it back.

Friday started off nice, but we knew we’d run through a cold front on the way up the coast via SH-35.
Fronts often stall. or slow, at the coastline and, sure enough, we ended up riding to Houston in intermittent light rain, below predicted temperatures.

I was pretty much under dressed but at least I’d brought my rain suit even though I’d left my heavy gloves behind. Rain was blowing pretty hard, at first, and I had nothing between it and my face but one thin layer of skin and a couple of whiskers. The wind fell off, shortly thereafter, and the rest of the ride was marred only by the top snap of my rain suit beating me on the face for the first hundred miles. People who are too stubborn to pull over to fasten snaps should look for the “Velcro” label.

We made Hotglue’s place a little later than planned and had to be step lively to get to the excellent but fast-disappearing victuals brought by the coonass contingent.

Later, Jill gave an impromptu tent-pitching demonstration while I photodocumented the operation for future reference. That’s just the way I am: always thinking of others.



Friday meant cajun food, and Saturday barbecue, with folks who are much like an extended family we don’t see often enough.
Men and women rode in from Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas and New Mexico on Hondas, Harley-Davidsons, BMWs and Yamahas. Its truly (little “d”) democratic.


We rode, a little, ate a lot, and visited and told lies a whole lot.

SilverWing Girl


The traditional grand finale is, of course, the bonfire, which our host does the way he does anything: In grand style.

One of Hotglue’s bonfires burned for eight days after the party; this one wasn’t quite as bodacious.

Sunday a.m. we broke our fast with homemade taquitos then kissed hands and shook necks and made for a rendezvous with other friends just a little further up the road.

This is when we found that the Magna’s electrical problem, that I thought I’d resolved, was still a problem. But, with some help from the good folks in Wallis, TX we managed to have an thoroughly enjoyable visit and an uneventful ride back to the big Bluff.

A good time was had by all.

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Written by fiddle mike

April 7, 2008 at 3:11 pm

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  1. Ahhh, nothing quite like the company of good friends, privite lands, great food, the roof of a tent, and the crackling of a BIG fire!
    Happy ya got the Magna and her tricky electrics fingered out!

    Happy trails Mike,


    April 8, 2008 at 7:50 am

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