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Parade Day

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This a.m. I got out before my usual time and headed over to the high school football stadium.

Wild Bill had informed me that the local Confederation of Clubs was parading their motorcycles around the track as part of the opening ceremonies for Special Olympics and invited me to join them.

This was their third year to do so and, of course, the first year I’d heard of it, not being involved with CoC. I did see acquaintances from several segments of the motorcycling community. Members of a motorcycle ministry, cop club and firefighter club rode with clubs of a less specialized nature.

I didn’t get a bike count but it looked like a pretty good turn out for a Saturday morn. As we rode around the track, honking and waving, spectators and Special Olympians cheered ,waved and shouted “thank you” at us.

After, I went to a the local restaurant for a taco with club riders from the town of Beeville, which is about 70 miles north of the Bluff. One of the guys had half a floorboard broken off of his new Kawasaki on the way down when a heavy chair fell out of a truck and grazed it. Neither he, nor his wife, was injured and all conceded that,especially as a new rider, he handled the situation in good form.

All this writing has made the Oreos thirsty. They are calling for milk.


Written by fiddle mike

April 12, 2008 at 11:56 am

Posted in motorcycle

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