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In case you are not aware, “bikers” are not welcome just everywhere. Not only are we not welcome, but in some states hotels and restaurants are not required to serve us at all, and don’t. Other states have passed an “equal access law” giving bikers the same right to access public places that another distinct group got in the 1960s (that’s nearly a half century ago).

My own Governor wouldn’t sign off on equal access because he doesn’t want motorcyclists to feel ‘like they are a special group’.  Well, we are a special group.

This note was inspired by an article I ran across on a biker news site. It was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (JS Online) and tells how Harley-Davidson Co. approached Best Western Hotels about accommodating motorcyclists by making bike washes, reserved motorcycle parking, etc. available. “Besides the partnership with Harley, Best Western has similar agreements with other motor-driven associations, including the NASCAR racing circuit.”

Read it here: “A match made in hog heaven“.


Written by fiddle mike

April 18, 2008 at 2:09 am

Posted in biker, motorcycle, travel

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