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Texas Sandfest, Port Aransas, TX.

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Saturday afternoon, I rode the 24 miles out to Port Aransas to meet with the sexy granny. She’d enticed me with a promised dinner and a show, the show being the Texas Sandfest. People come from all over to see and participate in this contest. Just off-hand, I saw the state flags of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Kansas, Alabama and Florida. We noticed that one of the sculptures was by a Ukrainian.

The “sand” in these parts, including Mustang Island, is actually “silt”, silt being finer than sand. The quartz silt also has clay mixed in, giving it some adhesion and making for excellent sand sculpting material, which is one reason this event is so popular.

We parked our bikes off the beach and had to walk a ways but the weather was perfect and we ain’t no sissies.

After, we dined on fish sandwich and oyster po’boy at the Island Cafe’ before saddling up and scootering back to the big Bluff, a fiery sunset on our right, and the rising moon on our left.

Life is good on the Third Coast.

Full screen view: Click on SlideShare logo.


Written by fiddle mike

April 20, 2008 at 3:17 am

Posted in motorcycle

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