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In one of the few streets in my end of town that was fairly drivable, there was a hole about the size and depth of a dinner plate. The City of Corpus Christi sent three men , supervised by three foreman, who worked for three days turning it into a shallow crater with an area approximating that of a Volkswagen.

While headed into town, trying to negotiate around it, I found another deep, albeit small, hole ; found it with the front wheel of my motorcycle, the Baby Shadow. Whatever I might have saved on fuel by riding the Shadow is now shot in the ass, fork seal repair running no less than $150 USD for labor alone.
This city is becoming more of a sleazy border town, every day.

Now, I may have mentioned my annoyance at recyclable material turning up in stores reconstituted as Chinese Crap. This is no less annoying because the City has quit recycling (or whatever they do with it) glass. Glass is plentiful, easily turned into raw material and as useful as an opposable thumb. One of its many uses is as an ingredient in “hot mix”, that’s the stuff roads are made of, the stuff lots of folks know as “asphalt” or McAdam. Of course, if cheaper materials meant the roads staying in better repair, the City and State might find it harder to extort the public.

My son never fails to remind us that Penn and Teller say that recycling is, “Bullshit”.

But, don’t get me started.

Did you know these little pull rings (pop tops) are made of aluminum. They don’t have to be crushed, nor do they have a coating to be dealt with.

I’m told that only one recycler will handle them, and then only for
Ronald McDonald House.


Written by fiddle mike

May 5, 2008 at 1:04 am

Posted in motorcycle

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