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Prelude to a Road Trip

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Friday saw time for another adventure in the great Republic.

Thursday night’s deluge had temporarily emptied the sky of rain and Friday morn found that lucky Flour Bluff woman, and me, leisurely packing, fueling and airing up tires on our bikes. Our destination was the Riverside Ranch, near the town of Elmendorf, 147 miles from our door and 23 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas.

On the way out of town, with Jill leading, we traveled a little faster than surrounding traffic as a safety measure. Riding in the left lane, we passed several cars and a man on a very spiffy BMW motorcycle, which fell in behind me.

Shortly thereafter I heard an awful racket that I quickly ascertained was not coming from my bike, but from somewhere up ahead, perhaps from the extension ladder that was sliding down the road in our lane.

I swerved into the empty center lane and shot past Jill who, as I could see in my rear view, was hard braking with a mini van hard on her rear fender. She thinks the van brushed her saddle bag as it went by. I’ll bet the driver didn’t even drop her cell phone.
At any rate, Jill and the BMW rider missed hitting the ladder or being hit by one of the brain dead cagers of Corpus Christi. We all got off the expressway safely and pulled into a stop-and-rob to check out Jill’s bike which was unmarked and undamaged.

I was pretty angry at first but, later, had to admit that things could have turned tragic, but didn’t. I thank the Creator that we emerged unscathed.

We spoke, briefly, with the young man on the Beemer, who was justifiably impressed with the little woman’s riding skill, and thanked him for hanging in with us. It’s good to know that the “biker brotherhood” is not just an empty phrase.

‘And then, like a flash, we were gone’.

The ride continues in the following post, “The Breeze”,


Written by fiddle mike

May 19, 2008 at 2:17 am

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  1. Damn glad all three escaped unscathed!
    I’ve heard enough bad news regarding friends, and internet friends this weekend…yours and the missus’s turned good…I’m grateful for this!


    May 19, 2008 at 5:04 am

  2. We talked about alot of things, but this never came up. I’m glad no one was hurt. See ya on the road,



    May 19, 2008 at 3:01 pm

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