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“”Rosewood”, the trio I play in, has been hard at work in Gilley’s Recording Studio, here in Corpus town.
Dennis hadn’t recorded an acoustic band before so he took some video of us to display on his website, and passed some still photos from it on to me.

“The area we began recording in is almost like a waiting room. The board that has all the sliders and knobs is almost window dressing, as modern recording is digital and lots of the engineer’s work is done with a keyboard mouse. Every function of the actual board can be displayed on the computer monitor and operated from there.

“There are different ways to record a band. We recored live, that is, we played as if we were performing with the instruments plugged directly into the recording equipment, rather than amplifiers.
“Each instrument has its own track (think of it as a file on a computer) that can be manipulated, over-dubbed or removed altogether without affecting the recorded sound of the other instruments.

“The singing is recorded first on what is called a scratch track. Since the microphone picks up the sound of the instruments, another recording of the vocals is made in the sound-proof booth and the original discarded, or scratched.
Some of the instruments were also re-recorded in the booth. Their rich sounds are captured better this way.

“There is still some of the business of the music business to attend to, fees paid to comply with copyright law and we’ll have to created art for the CD cover. Dennis will work his engineering magic on the recordings to make a master CD which we’ll use to burn copies. When it all comes together, its a beautiful thing. I’ll get back to you as things develop.


Written by fiddle mike

May 30, 2008 at 5:49 pm

Posted in motorcycle

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