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Well, here I am, getting on down the trail, and I still have problems with those danged girls messing with my stuff.

Monday, grand daughter came over and hung out for a while, and does she have quick hands! Nothing is safe.

The young and quick are no match for the old and crafty, though. It happened that UPS had delivered the replacement for my crashed crash bar carefully boxed and protected against scratching with a sheet of bubble wrap.
I took whatever it was she shouldn’t have been messing with away from the little one, draped her in bubbles, and went out to put the new part in the shed.
Directly, there came the sound of Chinese New Year as the kid found that the bubbles popped nicely when she stomped all over them.

What’s quicker than a kid with bubble wrap? Grandma with a camera.

Bubble wrap girl

Now, as if life wasn’t good enough, my sister, Susie, and brother-in-law, Charlie, who we haven’t seen in way too many years, turned up for a visit. They rode Charlie’s beautiful Kawasaki Nomad in from Albuquerque, NM, just shy of 1000 miles away.


We met them at Mom’s house, then rode around the bay to our favorite seafood restaurant, Pier 99, on North Beach. We found a shady spot out on the patio and enjoyed fish sandwiches and great company.

Did we have fun?

At Pier 99

Oh, yeah.


Written by fiddle mike

June 18, 2008 at 3:54 am

Posted in motorcycle

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