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Down on the third coast, things have been rather slow, for me, at least. I’ve been doing what’s in front of me, helping Jill with art for our CD project and enjoying the weather.
Since Son enrolled in classes much of our recreating has involved riding herd on his little one. She’s a hoot, alright.

Sunday, I did a little recreating on my own, though. Well, not entirely on my own, I’d invited Darrell (our guitar picker), and a couple of other locals to accompany me on a lunch ride. One rider was headed for the Hill Country, and one had his bike in the shop for fork seals, so it was just me and Guitar Boy.
Darrell had problems with a self-dismantling gas cap (OEM replacement is over $70 USD) but fabricated a plug along the lines of those used for boats. I guess he felt a little self-conscious about it but not enough to keep him in the barn.

At any rate, we met at the coffee shop, had one for the road and “got our scram on”, as we say in my hood. The day was perfect and we quickly cleared the after church traffic as Luby’s Restaurant got tiny in our rear-views. I had Darrell lead, since I sometimes bend the posted speed suggestion, and we motored around the bay, bound for the thriving resort town of Rockport, TX and Alice Faye’s excellent seafood.


Having made ourselves to home in the restaurant, our waitress  quickly became smitten with her two personable (and handsome) customers. I would have blushed at her attention (and intention) had I not lost that ability while traveling in Houston. Darrell must have put the whammy on her since his beer never ran out, my coffee never got cold and we were both thoroughly hugged when it came time for us to mosey.

We decided to return to Corpus town via Port Aransas so we could wave at Sexy Granny’s bike, parked at her place of employ.
Everyone else must have had the same idea as the line at the ferry landing was quite long. Motorcycles don’t wait in line at this ferry landing, though, so we got on the shoulder of the road and passed a quarter mile of impatient cagers. That’s what they get for being cagers.
Bikes go the the front of the line and board the ferry after the last car is loaded.


I had Darrell wave at a boat coming from Port A and a couple of folks waved for my picture. Usually the vacationers wave like they are on the Queen Mary, this bunch must have been hung over from fishing.


So, there you have it. We set attainable goals and reached them. Completing the loop down Mustang and Padre islands and across the Laguna Madre, my compadre continued on to town while I dropped out in the big Bluff .

Life is good.


Written by fiddle mike

July 14, 2008 at 11:56 am

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