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Slow-mo Saturday

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The predicted high temperature for the day was 92°F, pretty nice for July in Corpus town, so I thought that I’d go uptown to Knucks, get a bite, blow some smoke and take a few photographs.

After greeting the bar maid, and showing proper admiration for her superstructure, I snagged a sandwich and a soda and sat outside, planning to get a few bike shots while I ate. Things sure were slow, today, with only a handful of motorcycles and motorcyclists in the lot. The green flames on one of the highly accessorized bikes made me think they were cops and not bikers.

I ate, then rode to the coffee shop where Bubba told me that there was a big country music fie-esta over on North Beach, which was probably were everyone was.
I didn’t recognize the names of the entertainers so I figured it wasn’t real country but the Nashville imitation.
Billy Joe Shaver sings, “There’s a lot of cookie cutters in Nashville, Tennessee…”, pointing out that once you’ve heard one nasal pretty boy sing a two-step you’ve about heard all Nashville has to offer.

I didn’t U-turn and head back over towards North Beach, no,
I dodged the spiritual brothers and sisters of the cagers I’d already encountered in my jaunt, and made it safely back to the big Bluff.

Any ride you can walk away from is a good ride.



Written by fiddle mike

July 26, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Posted in motorcycle, photography, Texas

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