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English Pete called for his band, Texas Moon, to set up at Vernon’s Bar this past Sunday night, saying that Umberto was to make a video recording of us playing (Jill and I are side men in the group).

It’s more of a hassle to have a rehearsal with all the sound equipment than not, but its good for the band, besides, I like the place and Pete is getting calls from folks who hear us there, so it’s no stretch.

While Umberto runs for a forgotten piece of gear, we warm up and I check out the patrons. This one fellow was wearing about the cheesiest polyester western shirt I’d ever seen, but , as I mentioned before, the patronage is varied and sometimes strange.

We played, Umberto videoed and, after a while, we took a break and did a little socializing.
That’s when I noticed western shirt guy and Umberto conferring. Well, to make a short story long, Umberto is in a videography contest. Western shirt guy is an officer in the local association and is helping Umberto with his entry. The shirt is costume.
The plot:
Some white people  overhear some Mexican drug dealers planning an exchange. They steal the dope and the dealers later catch and beat them.

Yeah, hardly original, as plots go, and just as likely to be “ripped from today’s headlines”, but the boys and girls are out there making art and I got to credit them for that.
Jill became an extra and her opposite turned out to be a fellow who knows us from years back when we ran a down town jam session.
At any rate, the deal is that Umberto records us playing and gives Pete an edited disc, in return, “Texas Moon” appears in his video entry. How ’bout that, we’re local color!


Written by fiddle mike

July 29, 2008 at 1:09 am

Posted in culture, Texas

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