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The luckiest girl in Flour Bluff, and I , got an after noon start, Friday, and wended our way towards Riverside Ranch Resort in the general vicinity of San Antonio, TX, passing other friendly Texas motorcyclists on our way.



If one could “mosey” on a motorcycle, that’s what we would have been doing. The sun was out, the wind was down and the temperature was in the neighborhood of 88°F./ 31°C. and we were in no big hurry to get off the road. We had plenty of time to reach our destination and pitch our tent before it would be dark.

In good time we crossed the San Antonio River, which flows by the camping area. She’s rather narrow, here, but it’s evident that, at times, she’s many times as wide.


The San Antonio broadens as she nears the coast.

We checked in , howdied and shook with folks we’d met before and pitched our tent away from the general hubbub. After picnicking on the green, we wandered on over to the pool where we could relax and enjoy Mean Gene Kelton and The Diehards knocking out some Texas blues. Later we wandered on back to our sleeping bags and let Gene rock us to sleep.


Saturday we broke our fast in the dining room and linked up with a couple of other riders for the poker run.

The area being what it is, we rode some country roads, and we had to loop through a couple of towns, and we even had a chance to admire the DPS (state troopers) hard at work ticketing wicked law breakers on I-35. Over on the US highway, we discovered a a herd of bicyclists riding in a long, strung out group. I thought, “Damn! I’ll kiss Scarlet Johannson’s ass if there’s not 1000 riders out here!” I spoke to some of their support people at a poker run stop and was told there was way over 3500 riders.



These folks were on a 150 mile ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi as part of the MS Society’s “Bike to the Beach” ride. There was all sizes, shapes and colors of people and bikes. This was not the most unusual bike.



Motorcyclists patrolled the route with CB radios, ready to assist any bicyclist that might need assisting.


Our local Gold Wing Road Riders Association is usually asked to volunteer and we spotted a couple of them waving at us as we rode by.

We finally left the big ol’ highway and took a more pastoral route.


We stopped at a remote and interesting watering hole, one that had Patsy Cline concert posters, and other dated objects, on the wall.

Out in the country , folks have a different attitude about things, including entitlement.


Back at the ranch, I drew my usual worthless poker hand, enjoyed the hot tub and, later, some of the best barbecued pork ribs I’ve ever run across. Mean Gene and company tuned up and Jill and I cut a pretty fancy rug. She had so much fun that she didn’t even roll her eyes when I demonstrated the “Skagunga”, a dance created many years ago commemorating the wounding of a local junkie. But, thats neither here, nor there.

After the band shut down, we socialized till the wee hours, exchanging many serious and truthful tales with our fellow rally goers.


Sunday morn found the sexy granny creating a birthday breakfast of apple cobbler for me. That woman can work wonders with a single burner camp stove and a few edibles and spices.

After folding our tent, literally, as well as figuratively, we shook some cheeks, kissed some hands and got in the wind.

Here we are, going straight home.



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October 6, 2008 at 6:20 pm

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  1. M R Ducks.

    Thanks for the ride report.


    October 6, 2008 at 7:41 pm

  2. Now is the time I miss the warm weather so much.
    I just got back from a 1925 mile road trip to Wisconsin…checking up on some family I haven’t seen in over 40 years. It’s beautiful up there Mike…but the winters are much too hard on my beat up bones!
    I had a great time there, the colors of the trees are changing…the birch trees were the most splendid sight of all…I love the white bark, the brightly colored leaves…and the nip of the air…but it was for sure “time to go home, Norman…” LOL…

    I took the northern route rather than going south down into TX. this year…I kinda wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been in a very long time…it was a very good choice…I had a most wonderful ride!


    October 10, 2008 at 6:23 am

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