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When we first  met Shirley, while playing at Timarario’s Restaurant /bar  in Port Aransas, we hit it off  right away. She started raggin’ my ass and messing with me like we’d been friends for ten years rather than ten minutes.
About ten years later, and  three weeks prior to this note, she called  and asked if Jill and I would provide musical accompaniment for her at the last Sunset Sounds concert of ’08.   I was flattered that she thought of us as there are many fine Port A. musicians she knows and could have called on.

While the explosive development of Mustang Island is not considered a good thing by just everyone,  the influx of big bucks has allowed the City of Port Aransas to do some remodeling of Roberts Point Park, including the construction of a new band shell, the Patsy Jones Amphitheater.

Patsy rides the Hanging Trail, but while on this earth she was a singer/songwriter.   Many people loved her and and her songs, including, “That’s My Island”, the official song of Port Aransas.
Shirley was Patsy’s close  friend and felt honored to be the first to perform in the new amphitheater.
In fact, there was no  electric power to the outlets and the wiring for the  foot lights was finished while we were unloading our sound gear.  I think Shirley was meant to be the first to perform there.


The new band shell is situated so that the the sun is not in the performers’ eyes, nor that of the audience and sits sideways to the  breeze rather than blocking it.  The old one was something of a blinding solar oven.

The breeze that came up  didn’t bother me, but Jill’s big bass fiddle caught it just enough for her to comment on it.


The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway runs past the park and behind the band shell.  Looking  north, towards Saint Joe’s Island, the fishing pier and observation tower are visible, as well as the many pleasure craft and merchant vessels that use the channel.


The Good Book says that a prophet is not honored in his home town and, often, that’s true of artists, as well.
Port A locals support the arts and they support local artists.
They came out with  folding chairs and blankets, ice chests and cameras.  Strangers who wandered up without a place to sit were offered spare folding chairs.

Any fiddler who asked for half a blanket was accommodated.


The night was a success and a great way to wind up the city’s Sunset Sounds Concert Series.

A good time was had by all.


Written by fiddle mike

October 11, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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  1. hey mike….
    first time i read your blog…. way cool mr fiddle!
    miss hanging out with you guys , busy as hell , but soon…. anyhooo… reading your story about goin up to navasota…. swiss alp and all…
    ever stop in swiss alp and check out the old dance hall?
    the new owners re-opened it again at weekends, with bands playing from all over… has a huge history , this old dance hall. the former , and i believe original owner , marion , died a few years ago , god bless her soul. she was a true oltimer , an original and a wonderful old lady. i stpped there many a times on my way up to ft. worth….. if you havent , you sure as heck should check it out next time….
    see you soon..

    "swiss bastard"

    October 16, 2008 at 12:11 am

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