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A Christmas Story

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As I’ve mentioned before, and will again, our local toy runs will be happening this coming Sunday and next Saturday
Since that’s the case, the lucky Flour Bluff gal, and I, rode into town to pick up a couple of toys to take to the events.

While in the store we ran into a long-time friend and her neighbor; greetings and introductions were made all around. We joked about having to watch our budgets and such and how our friend had come in intending to buy only two items, not the basketful she had.
After hugs and kisses we all went our ways.

We found something for the toy drive kids and were walking to the checkout when the missus began to tell me about her co-worker.
She said the lady belongs to a women’s group that, among other things, gifts underprivileged (read: poor) kids at Christmas. They ask the kids what they’d like for Christmas and make it happen.

A few years back, she asked her kid what she’d like and the youngster told her, “a pillow and blanket”. The lady made them for her.

Another year, the kid she drew said he’d like to have an mp3 player. She made it happen.

Someone, hearing of the generosity of these women, approached and asked them to open their hearts to some African children, as well, which they did. Jill’s co-worker wrote to her African kid and asked what she’d like for Christmas. The kid answered, “Food”.
I’m not often moved to tears.


Written by fiddle mike

December 5, 2008 at 6:10 am

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