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Well, Friends and neighbors, it’s been another full and rewarding weekend here on the Third Coast.
We played our Friday gig  at the coffee shop and had a good crowd even though, earlier, the  streets had been empty and I wasn’t sure what kind of night we’d have.               

 We attracted some interest from someone connected to our oldest local festival, as well, which was gratifying.  We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of that.     


On Saturday, Jill,  son and Granddaughter all went into town to attend the 
“Boars Head and Yule Log Festival” at the First Christian Church.  Daughter Olwen has participated for the past couple of years.       



I don’t enjoy pageants, crowds or church, too much, so I dogged it. Granddaughter went and she got off to it, especially when the falconer brought his hawk out, before the pageant started.  She wasn’t too sure about Olwen in costume, right at first, though.



 But, once Olwen removed her hat it was OK.  When she came to the house, later, she told me all about seeing  Olwen and about the hawk.


Saturday night turned breezy, damp and cold, cold for us Coastal Bend types, at least, so we stayed in with kids, movies and pie.

Friday night,  I had ragged Darrell (our guitar picker) about not riding with me so we made tentative plans to go for a little  putt,  on Sunday.  Of course, Jill was all hot to go for a ride even though the high temperature for the day was predicted to be 60°F.( 15.5°C.).
Yeah, I know, that doesn’t seem cold to you northern types, but our blood is designed to carry off heat down here in the tropics.

Jill had heard about a new Port Aransas bar and grill called the Wild Horse Saloon (on Mustang Island… get it?) purported to have good hamburgers so we reckoned we’d ride around the bay and see what all the shouting was about.


The reports were not exaggerated;  the place was nice,  the food was good and  our friendly  bartender-cum-waiter made fresh coffee for me.  I’ve never understood the concept of a “sports bar”, though, so the three televisions  showing over-paid coke heads chasing balls was lost on me.  I’d rather have heard a little Hank or Lefty on the jukebox.

Mission accomplished, we retraced our steps, headed for home.  Jill,   leading,  stopped us along the Port Aransas Causeway to take a couple photographs of our pretty faces and bikes on a cold day in paradise.   



Almost as a reminder that this area is more than just a playground the  Gulf Pride steamed by close enough to hit with a rock, had we been so inclined and had a rock.                  


Had we passed this way a little sooner we may have seen her leaving dry dock as we crossed the bridge that took us into  Aransas Pass and put us on the road back to the city.


Written by fiddle mike

January 12, 2009 at 4:27 am

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  1. Great photos Mike, I like this a lot…sigh…I’d kill for 60 degree weather…ohhhh and what is that bright stuff that’s all around there? Up here…it’s so gray….I haven’t seen the sun in it’s glory for a full day in over a week!
    Ride well you two,


    January 12, 2009 at 5:26 am

  2. brrr 60’S. You better get the dog in at night!



    January 12, 2009 at 3:03 pm

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