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We pretty much killed Saturday  waiting for the hot granny’s brother to call and let her know that he, and his traveling companion, had arrived in San Antonio from Baton Rouge, and where they’d be staying. I then drove Jill to S.A. to meet them.

Sunday morning, they all headed off to El Paso to meet other family members. There,  they’ll cross into Mexico and drive to Copper Canyon, in Chihuahua, as their annual family get-together.

Driving into San Antonio, Saturday night, the Interstate Highways took us, no kidding, right up to the motel’s entrance ramp. We unloaded Jill’s bags and shot a little breeze before heading over to a near-by Mexican restaurant, 
“Piedras Negras de Noche” ( literally,”Black Stones of (at) Night” , but probably  referring  to the Mexican  city of Piedras Negras, across the river from
Eagle Pass, TX).
The Louisiana contingent said they didn’t have a good Mexican restaurant in their town so it was a chance for them to get exotic cuisine.

The parking lot was crowded, a good sign, and the dining room was full of families, an even better sign.
The food was great. In Mexican restaurants, at least, the waiter tells you to ‘be careful, the plate is hot’. At this place, you’d best pay attention to him.

Just as we were finishing eating, a Mariachi group came in and began playing.
Mariachi originated in the Mexican state of Jalisco and their traditional dress is that of a charro, or cowboy.
The instruments they played were : a guitar; a vihuela (bee-Way-lah _ a small Mexican guitar), a guitarron (gee-tarr-OWN_ Mexican bass guitar), and a trumpet.

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Mariachis traditionally move around and serenade and have no microphones or amplifiers. The acoustics in the restaurant were terrible and the trumpeter began by facing the corner behind the band so he wouldn’t drown out the others. As we were leaving they were performing “Solamente Una Vez (Only Once)”, a beautiful song some of us English speakers know as “You Belong To My Heart” by Bing Crosby.

Supper done, cheeks kissed and hands shaken, I began the drive back to the big Bluff. All I had to do was make a U-turn under Interstate 35, get on the ramp and follow the signs to I-37, and make a straight shot to my door.

Eventually, I realized I’d missed an exit and was still on I-35, headed for Laredo. I wasn’t all that far south, though, and got on a loop that took me to the correct super slab. What’s funny is, I’d joked with Jill about ignoring her easy directions and taking a similar route.  I’d told her not to worry though, that once I got out of the city of San Antone, even if I was on the wrong side of it, I could find my way home.

I did.


Written by fiddle mike

January 18, 2009 at 10:09 pm

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  1. It’s funny the things we do when our “navigators” are on hiatus. The Mexican meal…ahhh when I travel to South Texas…I look for just such a place!
    Good blog Mike, I enjoyed it.


    January 19, 2009 at 5:42 am

  2. EYE YIYI! Nice looking band. They need a Hot Granny bang on a drum to be complete though.


    January 19, 2009 at 10:08 am

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