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I get, periodically,  these “updates” and fish fry invitations from
State Representative Solomon Ortiz, Jr , via email.  I usually just delete them, unread.   He is the son on my US Congressman (the one more interested in “uniting families” than enforcing US immigration law) and, since I’m not convinced that legislators connected with LULAC or the Hispanic Caucus represent me, the idea of an Ortiz “dynasty” (a la Kennedy) just doesn’t harden my nipples , if you catch my drift.

Today’s email subject caught my eye, though.  Rep. Ortiz has introduced
HB-662, intended to take cell phones and text messengers out of the hands of teen drivers under the age of 18.  Since, twice, last week,  teens on cell phones ran stop signs as I was motorcycling through the intersection,  I opened the email and read the blurb. 

Ortiz had some snazzy  statistics to back him up, but I noticed they were stats for teens 16-17 years of age, only.

In a bold move, on my part, I emailed Our  Man in Austin, pointing out that the problem isn’t teens, but devices. 

 Texas motorcyclists will be threatened with a mandatory helmet law, this legislative session, but  un-helmeted heads aren’t the cause of biker injuries.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us that most accidents are caused by inattention to driving.  Period.

At any rate, I opined that Texas needs to build better drivers and that a ban on the use of communication devices in cars and trucks  would be a dandy start (I will require the battery to be removed when I am in charge).
I asked why he didn’t go for a complete ban.  Who knows, maybe he’ll answer.

Then,  my compadre  came by wanting a battery charger for his Sportster and  I was side-tracked.

*Just so’s you know:  I choose to don a SNELL approved  helmet every time I mount a bike.  I want that to remain a choice.


Ortiz represents House District 33, which includes part of Nueces
County and the City of Corpus Christi . Rep. Ortiz encourages
constituents to contact his office on this or any issue of interest at
(512) 463-0484, email him at district33.ortizjr@house.state.tx.us or visit the House of Representatives website at www.house.state.tx.us.


Written by fiddle mike

January 22, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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  1. Excellent Blog Mike! It really makes a person shake her head, and wonder aloud…is this man serious? Ban ONLY TEENS from using messaging devices? What? Only teens are stupid enough to do such a thing? He hasn’t been paying attention to the news lately? He don’t drive himself into work, and therefore can’t see what the driver ahead of him is doing? I’ve seen drivers texting, dialing, checking email, as well as the usual talking on the phone.
    Let us know if you get a response from the guy…


    January 23, 2009 at 9:04 am

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