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Talk about your days in paradise!  A front blew through, Tuesday night, bringing a little rain and turning the gusty east wind around. Today, Wednesday, the wind laid down, the sky cleared and the temperature here on the Encinal Peninsula topped out at 81°F./ 27°C.  It’s like an early, early Spring; the bugs are coming back but the bikinis haven’t bloomed, yet.

Since the luckiest woman in Flour Bluff designated Wednesday as her tax figgerin’ day, I set up my big umbrella and  busied myself  knocking some of the dust off the big  yella bike.
Tuesday,  I replace a  hose on the liquid cooled Baby Shadow.  It should have been only slightly more difficult than replacing the top hose on a car.  Should have been.

The pipe on the radiator, and the one on the water pump, has a small tit (bump, extrusion?) on it.  The hose is supposed to reach from one tit-bump-extrusion to the other.  The new one didn’t.

  My theory is that the hose was made slightly shorter than spec on purpose, to cut costs. Years back,  I read  how one of the oil barons saved a brazillion dollars by repairing a storage tank valve that leaked, slightly. You see where I’m coming from, right?

The long and the short of it (in a manner of speaking) is:  I got the hose installed and the coolant re-installed, burped the radiator and called it a “did”.

 After finishing the Valk, I  cleaned off the Shadow’s little V-twin engine then went for a spin to dry it off  and double check my hosiery.
Stopping under the bridge that spans Oso Bay and joins (for better or worse) Flour Bluff and “town”, I took these pictures so you’ll know that I’m not just making all this stuff up.



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February 11, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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