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Good news, everybody!
The man who was elected President on little more than the catch phrase, “change” (and  his “pig with lipstick” crack), the man who thinks “change” means re- hiring the Clinton Gang,  is  conspiring to commit still more change on us in the form of Al Gore’s old plan to artificially raise the price of gasoline  through taxation. Not only will  that build new roads we won’t be able to afford to drive on, but it will also force “green” technology on us.

Yes, even though I find  “force”  anathema to representative democracy,  the Black Moses is also the Green Moses.

No problem for his bunch, its not as if they pay taxes, anyhow.

Five-dollar-a-gallon gas may not  be a problem for anyone who feeds at the public trough,    nor for those  who have the personal use of commercial  passenger  jets paid for by you and me.

It may  be hard on the same people who had to choose between gasoline and food when the speculators  and rag-heads artificially raised the price of petroleum, a few months ago.  I’m not an economist, just a guy with a motorcycle, so I can’t figure how inflation is going to help. It seems to be the very tactic that prick, Chavez, planned on using to bring  America down.

It may help Harley-Davidson, Polaris Victory and Kawasaki USA, though, since  existing vehicles powered by alternatives to fossil fuel are generally beyond  the means of most Americans, even  in good times.

General  Motors is a dog the President  fed $6 billion worth of food.  The dog  lost over $9 billion worth of weight.  Sounds terminal.
Anyone whose job hasn’t been eaten up by soaring fuel prices is going to need a get-around.

It doesn’t have to look like this, either:


By 1933,  Germany had been bled white by capitalists and other opportunists.  A charismatic leader emerged, destroyed the mechanism of democracy, disarmed the populace and instituted sweeping socialist reforms (sound familiar?). Before being lead into the gates of hell,  wonderful machines were designed and built in the Fatherland, some the soul of German pragmatism and frugality;  some the soul of German engineering and style.

1934 BMW R7

I don’t know that German motorcyclists  were under fire from their own government, then, but the breed survived, as did the  French counterpart.

Recently, in response to a post about French riders protesting an oppressive law, someone asked, “Who gives a dookie (sic) about the French?”   Well, the post was about French  motorcyclists and the goofy French government, not the goofy French in general.  The shame is that French  and English are conspicuously registering  their displeasure with oppressive government, while citizens of  the US ( who like to remind the Frogs and Limeys that “we saved your bacon in two world wars”) seem to be embracing totalitarianism.

But, I digress.

Check out this motorcycle, designed by a Frenchman and built in Switzerland .


+Sheldon’s EMU/ A Brief History of the Marque: Monotrace

It may not be Everyman’s scooter, but then, Everyman may soon  be  shaken , homogenized,  clad in gray flannel and squeezed into hybrid econoboxes, anyhow.

Don’t count  on getting a break for already riding a machine that takes up less than  1/4 the space of a Cadillac Escalade,  gets over 40 mpg  and doesn’t damage the road with it’s weight, either.  If the suits haven’t noticed by now, it probably  ain’t happening.

Reckon why so many Americans and Canadians are retiring to Panama or Costa Rica?


Written by fiddle mike

February 26, 2009 at 6:22 pm

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