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Protecting and Serving, Who?

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So, the kid borrowed the Baby Shadow, my 6OOcc Honda,  to go to the movie.  Even though he’s an experienced rider, whenever he uses my bike I caution  him about parking  where twinkies on cell phones can hit it.
The Shadow  has been knocked down in a parking lot.  Someone also  backed into the Valkyrie  but it slid on the “foot” under the side stand rather than being knocked over.  No one stopped or left a note in either case, that’s not part of third world culture.

At the theater, Son parked the bike on the side of the building, on the sidewalk, against the wall, as is the custom with other motorcyclists who frequent the business.  When he came out there was a parking ticket shoved in his helmet.

The ticket is for just under $100.  That makes for a pretty expensive jaunt into town  once  you include the price of admission and popcorn.

Now, an acquaintance on the PD tells me the low badge number indicates the ticket was written by a police supervisor, but  we can’t read the scrawl that passes for a signature and can’t be sure.  Since the regular  cops in our town are all  out drawing overtime  on Spring Break patrol… one solid week before the first spring breaker will arrive… someone must have pried this donut muncher off his swivel seat  and made him patrol for wicked law breakers, like my son.

I say, “like my son”, because  immediately after visiting with the cop I  spoke with a woman who lives  across the street from a drug dealer.  The sidewalk in her otherwise nice neighborhood is littered with hypodermic needles and glassine bags.  Has she called the cops?  You bet she has and one even came out (Corpus Christi cops often “investigate”  over the phone).  She reports that the officer donned his rubber gloves, picked up the spikes laying in her yard,   and told her that’s about all they can do about someone who walks out of her house to sell dope to drivers-by.

So a drug dealer who is causing detriment to the community and committing a felony in plain sight gets a walk, and my son, a solid citizen, college student and Navy Reservist gets handed a $100 fine.

Well, no sense in exerting one’s self if so little will justify the pay.

Big Brother is watching you.



Written by fiddle mike

March 8, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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  1. As always, the good guy is the easist target, so guess who gets the grease when the laziest of the lazy has to go out to serve and protect our communities?


    March 10, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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