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Doing our bit in San Pat

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Not an hour away from my doorstep is the small, historically significant town of San Patricio, TX.  Founded in the days when Texas was administered by Mexico City and  place names were required to be Spanish, the original colony was named, “San Patricio de Hibernia”, or,
“Saint Patrick of Hibernia (Ireland)”.

The World Champion Rattlesnake races are held there on, or around, St. Patrick’s Day.  In fact, they were held this weekend. The snake races (and accompanying snake beauty contest and snake barbecue) goes back 37 years. Since the event draws a large crowd, there is a good bit of fund raising going on alongside home grown capitalism.

Newer, is the fledgling music event to raise money for the historic “McGloin Homestead”, James McGloin having been a co-founder of the colony and town.  The home is billed as being “the only remaining  Empresario’s home in Texas”. Empresarios (trans: industrialists) were people who had obtained a charter from Mexico City to form colonies.  Our friends in the band “Johnson Grass” supported the event, last year, and  asked if “Pete Devlin and Texas Moon” would pitch in, this year.   Since Jill  and I are Texas Moon, that’s where we were on as fine a March afternoon as can be imagined.


When you’re at the McGloin house you’re all the way out in the country; development hasn’t reached very far off the main drag.
A lot of motorcyclists attend the snake races and some took the putt down the winding country road to the old homestead. Half the members of “Johnson Grass”, and all of “Pete Devlin and Texas Moon”, ride, so that wasn’t entirely surprising.


Things were informal and friendly, with people coming and going during the afternoon.  “Johnson Grass” kicked things off on the specially constructed festival stage.


When it came our turn to entertain I took  this picture of some of the attendees. Guitar Boy, aka: Darryl, waves to you all.


While these talented young men entertained, I wandered around, heard some un-embellished true stories and visited with the folks.


Bass player Jim and his pretty wife had balcony (porch) tickets and even did some pretty smooth dancing while we played.


Of course, everyone recognizes our good friend, Jamie, who blows harp and percusses. I think maybe he’s been playing too many Italian weddings.


The good folks at the house turned us on to cold drinks and authentic  fried chicken,  the same kind people ate in the 1850s.  I felt all historical.

We had a good time at the McGloin Homestead but it finally came time for everyone to fold their tents and get in the wind.


The hot granny and I had rat killin’ waiting  in the big Bluff  so we bound ourselves homeward.  All told,  another day in paradise.

LINK: a note on the Irish settlers and the McGloin house.


Written by fiddle mike

March 22, 2009 at 3:40 am

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  1. Excellent! This is what I want to do now with my riding time! I’m done with the big hulla ballo rallies and music ventures…gimme some good home town guys and dolls…making fun and music, and all is good in my life!
    I’m coming home to my roots, and I can’t wait to join ya!


    March 23, 2009 at 2:25 pm

  2. Again I have to take a moment to thank you for posting a link to this wonderful story of adventure-and-good-time-had-by-all on your 360 page.

    See I told you I would follow you anywhere if you left me a crumb trail.

    I, too, would love the pleasure of having a fine destination like this to partake in. Perhaps the Republic, a handsome gentleman and his beautiful companion is a safe retreat for me to seek out in the very near future.

    Love to you and Jill.

    And it goes without saying… you are indeed one of the finest eye-candies in this great Nation to cast an eye upon.

    exes and ohhs


    March 23, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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