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I was just thinking that, while my friends in East Texas and in the deep south were getting hammered with thunderstorms, it was still a little early for Spring storms here in the Coastal Bend of Texas. I misjudged.

While most of the rough stuff was predicted to occur a few miles inland or a few miles north of here, we still saw a pretty heavy thunderstorm this afternoon.

You can tell that the folks aren’t in rain mode. Down at the grocery store the cart boys were scanning the sky and listening to the thunder of the approaching storm. The newer hands were asking about the store policy concerning rain: do they seek cover when they hear the thunder our when they start seeing lightening?
I finished my business inside (license tag for the Shadow) and was walking back to the truck when a few huge drops of rain began falling (which is what raindrops tend to do, I guess).

One such drop hit a woman square in the forehead and knocked her back on her behind. Fortunately, it was a rather large behind, a solid base that prevented her from rolling backward and sustaining a head injury while it absorbed any shock that might have damaged her spine. I helped her kids get her back on her feet and they hauled ass for the store.

By this time the drops were falling pretty regularly and panic was beginning to ensue, especially among the younger folk who haven’t spent much time out of doors.
I figured I should get while the getting was good. Rain does not bring out the best in local drivers, their skills and judgment deteriorate even faster than driving conditions.
The storm moved over Flour Bluff without wind or hail, but with rain that verged on the torrential. I could barely see the road or locate the inept cagers around me, so went I home and had a cookie.

I’m afeared this may signal the end of those few golden days we get between winter and mosquitoes.

Written by fiddle mike

March 26, 2009 at 11:26 pm

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  1. Mike, you brought me back to my years spent in Florida and Cali.

    Just let a gully washer reign down on the area, and everyone is headed FOR THE CANALS in their cars! Yes sir, getting caught in a rainstorm in places like Hollywood Florida, and Rosamond Cali. were dangerous days indeed!

    Your description of the lady with the rain drop? Reminds me of the holy rollers when the hand of the preacher slaps em up side the head…funny imagery Mike…thanks.


    March 28, 2009 at 5:54 am

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