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Me and the Navy aviators

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We’ve had them Blue Angels flying around, all morning. It must be time for the Navy Relief Festival, or whatever they’re calling it now . I can see the Naval Air Station from my window.

I lived in the glide path when I was a tot. In those days there was no ordinance against breaking the sound barrier over the city and those old jets would come screaming out of nowhere at what seemed to be roof level. I never got back the year’s growth they scared me out of.

Later, we lived in Town, in between a cotton field, a sorghum field and a lot of brush (Town was smaller, then). Between the Navy and commercial jets, we experienced window-rattling sonic booms fairly frequently. There was no shortage of propeller planes, either (NAS Corpus Christi was, and is, an advanced training facility for Navy/Marine pilots). Those old prop driven (or prop pulled) aircraft sure wouldn’t pass muster with the decibel cops in New York City or Milwaukee.

As soon as I could, I moved back to the Bluff and got a prime spot directly beneath the glide path. Although the Navy was moving to quieter training planes, the huge turbo-prop cargo aircraft flew so low we could almost tell if the pilot had a mustache. When the Blue Angels flew over, the jets were so lound that my temper would flare at no one in particular, just flare.
I’ve seen kids nearly fall from the trees where they perched to watch the show, startled by the incredible noise of the jets coming in low from an unexpected direction at hundreds of miles per hour.

So, when the townies come streaming into the Bluff, onto the Navy base, and park on the road shoulders of the Oso bridge to watch the air show, I’ll be headed into town, as per always. This year, if the weather holds up, I’ll be playing music and checking out the honeys and motorcycles at the Rumble on the River across, and I mean all the way across, Town.
The loudest things I’ll hear will be motorcycle exhaust stacks and amplified guitars. I can live with that.

Written by fiddle mike

April 17, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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  1. I was raised as a military brat. My dad was Air Force. All my child years was spent in the “glide path”. I got so I could sleep through air raid sirens and C-130 transports flying over my house. It’s like living next to the rail road tracks…You seem to sleep through anything once you get used to it!

    These days sweetie, I fully understand how the quiet of life works wonders for our mental stability! good for you!


    April 18, 2009 at 10:32 pm

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