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Sunday, I watched a gifted amateur photographer take some pictures at a local hospital.  He’s entered a contest, the subject of which is breast cancer awareness. The sexy granny and our friend, Jo, were two of seven people who volunteered to don hospital gowns and help out.
Since the plan o’ the day included a ride to supper, we arrived at the hospital by motorcycle (not that Jill would have caged, anyhow).

Jill 10-09

Once the shooting was done, we shot across to Mustang Island and rode through Port Aransas to the ferry landing.  We had only a sketchy idea of our destination.

Now, recently, I’ve received a couple of comments critical of the way I’ve illustrated my posts for the past month, or so. I quote:
“…need more pictures of the sexy granny and none of you.”
“BTW, I noticed there were no pretty girls in your pics this time. Not even the sexy granny got a word from ya? You dead? “

Well, both of these comments come from folks who I’ve ridden with and who know Jill so I decide that, this trip around the bay, I’d try to accommodate them.

Bikes don’t wait at the Port A. ferry but since outbound traffic was light the traffic directors put us in line.  I got Jo off the big yella bike and had her stand next to Jill for a photo.  The flagger was trying to get out of the shot when Jo started taking off her jacket; maybe he thought it was best not to be evidence in whatever  we were up to, but I reassured him.

Ride 007

And here, my friends, you have the flower of Texas womanhood.  There might be some as good, but there ain’t none better.

Ride 009

When boarding the ferry, a deckhand tells you where to park and they’ve become pretty rigid about rules on the boat, with extra security, and all, and the bikes cannot be left unattended. For some reason, he put Jill and I in different lanes so Jill had to sight see from the saddle.  She’s looked over the rail countless times so, if there’s no dolphins about, she’s cool with it.

Ride 009bx

Jo, on the other hand, wandered over by the rail to take in the view.

Ride 014

Exiting the ferry, we made our way through Aransas Pass and on up the coast to Rockport-Fulton. I decided it was probably time to pick a restaurant so I suggested our old stand-by, Alice Faye’s.

Ride 015

We always have fun with the waitresses at Alice Faye’s, the view is nice and the food is great.  They don’t have any trouble brewing fresh coffee for hungry motorcyclists, either.

Looking over where the shrimp boat, “Jackie Tam” is docked, we could see someone repairing the nets, maybe Jackie, himself.  The object that looks like a large wooden pallet is a
Turtle Excluder Device (called a “Ted”).  TEDs are designed to keep  turtles, especially the endangered “Kemp’s Ridley Turtle” from being drowned in the nets.  The 1987 Federal  order for fishermen to use them was very controversial and tempers ran high in this part of the world.

Ride 015b

It’s said that “Time’s fun, when you’re having flies” and as we let the day slip away from us the moon rose over the water as round and red as a freshly spanked behind. It was time to wend our ways home.

Ride 017


Written by fiddle mike

October 6, 2009 at 4:11 am

4 Responses

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  1. Beautiful. Looks like a ride I’d want to do, and a day I’d want to spend.

    Mr. Motorcycle

    October 6, 2009 at 7:13 am

  2. The night pics…yummy….love water, lights and night…


    October 6, 2009 at 11:06 am

  3. “Beautiful” pictures.The Jakie Tam too!! I’ve never had a problem w/any compositon of pictures.Your buds
    just must be jealous.Tee-Hee!!

    Denny O.

    October 6, 2009 at 11:17 am

  4. Thanks again, Mike. Your blog always starts the memory working. I rode up Vancouver Island yesterday….. bout 60 and sunny. Very unusual weather for us. I always loved the loop around and down the island with the ferry ride. I enjoyed your recent piece about the rain too. I commuted from Weber/SPID area to Sherwin for many years in all weather. I expect to be in your area with my I/S around February.


    October 6, 2009 at 11:57 am

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