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A Tale of Two Skid Lids

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It all began after the beautiful and talented Nurse Jo accepted an invitation from this Yamaha rider to go for a putt .

Some years ago, a Winger had given me a full-face helmet for my daughter’s use. Eventually, Daughter bought another lid and no longer used the gimme helmet, so I gave it to Nurse Jo. By the end of 2009 that old helmet was pretty much at the end of its service life and Jo was making noises about finding a new one. Then, she dropped it and broke the face shield. She was with the Yamaha pilot at the time so, with the need for a new helmet now immediate, they hit a few shops.

Now, there’s a great accessory shop in our town, the owner is (as the Turk would say) the nicest guy on the planet, as are all his employees, but, for the first time ever, he was closed on a Saturday. Jo and the Yamaha man tried a couple of other places, got no satisfaction, and came to rest at the Honda dealership (co-incidentally, the very last place I’d go). The next time Jo settled onto the big yella bike’s coochie couch she was sporting a snazzy black full-face Fulmer helmet. I’d owned a Fulmer 3/4 shell, some years ago, and I wore it for years before the foam collapsed and traumatized the lining.   It was worth every dime I paid for it so I figured Nurse Jo had done OK.

When next Nurse Jo accompanied my missus and me on a ride she was no longer happy with the, then, two-week-old  helmet.  It appeared to be self-destructing: the cover for the vent in the chin bar was falling off and a plastic stay around the bottom of the foam had worked its way through the lining on both sides. We made a date for a trip to the Honda dealership.

During the week, I did a little research. To begin with I found that, if so inclined, one could purchase the same helmet from eBay for half of what the dealership charged her.  Then, I called the accessory shop. They no longer carry that particular model but when I mentioned the price paid, the response I got was something along the lines of, “Oh, my!”  To top it all off,  poor Jo hadn’t even been offered a reach-around.

That Friday, as we walk into the dealership, Jo asked me what she should ask of them.  “Tell them you want your money back”, sez I,  and left her with the woman at the parts counter so she could go “girl-on-girl” while I  watched surreptitiously and checked out the bikes. The parts girl headed up to the loft to speak with her supervisor and I sidled on over to the sales counter as Jo signaled that the dealership was only offering an exchange.  I don’t know that I was overheard when I suggested that, rather than trading one junk helmet for another, she find out what Texas law says about her rights as a consumer, but it makes no difference, now.
Jo got her refund.

Now, Jo was back to square one, money in hand but no helmet on head, so we moseyed on over to the aforementioned accessory shop.

The owner and his lead hand know more about helmets in five minutes than most of us can know in a year.  As I repeated the tale of the Fulmer helmet, nods were nodded and “Yeah, yeah”s were murmured. I was told that, oddly enough, the quality of Fulmer helmets does not increase with price, that money is better spent on a sixty-dollar Fulmer  than on one costing one hundred-thirty. I suspect their factory may have move a lot further west since I’d bought my 3/4.

I put her in capable hands and hadn’t exchanged more than a few lies with customers before Nurse Jo was asking my opinion on the available helmet graphics .  She eventually decided on a very cool HJC with Samurai motif (CS-R1) that features a  lock to guard against the face shield being lifted by the wind.
Jo was a little ticked off about loosing her “Killer Pussy” helmet sticker to Fulmer till the salesman mentioned that a free sticker went with the helmet.  There was also a “blue sale” going on (discount on every blue item) and though she’d turned down a blue helmet, the man declared that the blue protective sticker on the face shield was close enough to count.  Those folks know how to treat a gal.

Jo was then turned over to the female clerk and I, along with a few customers and an off-duty employee, spent several minutes watching her try on chaps. That’s neither here nor there but I felt it was worth mentioning. A man takes his pleasure where he finds it.

Nurse Jo's helmet


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January 10, 2010 at 2:15 am

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  1. This thread is useless without pictures (of the chaps).



    January 11, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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