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The luckiest woman in Flour Bluff and I had been hanging pretty close to home, but that’s been more from scheduling conflicts than any desire leave the bikes parked. We would have been getting a little antsy even if the weather hadn’t been great.

Nonetheless (whatever that means), there finally arose an opportunity to pull on our boots and get away for a couple of days. That opportunity began in the early eve of a perfect Friday when we fired up the big yella bike and made for a small rally on the banks of the San Antonio River in the general vicinity of, that’s right, San Antonio, Texas.

The roadsides and pastures were alive with color and the air fragrant with the smell of freshly cut hay and wood smoke.

We cross the San Antonio several times before reaching the camp. The river and surrounding woods look healthy.

We found our favorite spot, away from the bandstand and other facilities and set up our mobile home. Since Jill’s bike is in rather desperate need of a rear tire, we pressed my old Bates top box into service and went “two-up” on the Valkyrie.

Friday night we re-connected with old friends, made the acquaintance of new ones and danced under the stars to the music of Mean Gene Kelton and The Die Hards.

Saturday a.m. found us all HWQ for the poker run and a ride in the country. There were only about ten bikes; someone must have culled out the bad apples because we had a great time with the riders and pillions who were left.
Not only were some pretty snazzy bikes being ridden, there were also some pretty snappy dressers in the crowd.

Not only did we have beautiful countryside to ride through, the route took us to exotic places, like “The Double Ringer” in beautiful downtown Zuehl, Texas.

As if traveling to The Double Ringer by motorcycle on a fine spring day wasn’t enough of a pleasure, I fell into conversation with a man of mature years whose history with Triumph motorcycles goes back to when they were ‘the other bike’.

In good time, it Jill was subtly indicating it was time to mount up and get back in the game; we said our goodbyes and twisted the wick.

That evening we enjoyed excellent barbecue, more music, more dancing and socializing. When prizes were given, Jill had the second highest poker hand and took a piece of the purse. Women with money are hot.

Since we were less than three hours from our door, we were leisurely in our departure.

A gusty headwind is normal when riding back towards the coast, but the rain shower we encountered at Kenedy, TX was unexpected. We pulled up under a gas station canopy, fueled and waited for the rain to pass.
The body called out for fuel, as well, and that call was answered at an excellent local non-corporate eatery named, “Barth’s”, before we made that last little 90-mile dash to the big Bluff.

We’re alive and in Texas.


Written by fiddle mike

May 11, 2010 at 2:08 am

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  1. I felt like I was there with ya. Kinda of jealous. Love those road trips. Glad you got out with the Mrs.

    Mr. Motorcycle

    May 11, 2010 at 10:06 am

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