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Friday, the first day of October, the sexy granny and I slipped the surly bonds of town set our wheels to dancing on country roads.  Our immediate destination: a campground near Elmendorf, 150 miles from our door and within the gravitational field of San Antonio.
We made our way out of Greater Flour Bluff under clear skies and in seasonably cool air.

In South Texas, watches and clocks don’t run, they walk. The leisurely pace of life is a reflection of the pace of Nature, herself, as autumn is just now easing into the area; purple flowers still bloom, complimenting the violet of grasses attempting “fall color”.

In time, we had covered the required miles of good road and had our camp made alongside the San Antonio River.

One of the locals we hadn’t seen before, name of “Katy” something, came over to check us out. She got off to my helmet, more than the bikes.

Meanwhile, one of the out-of-towners we’d met before arrived with another of his vintage motorcycles, this one, a nifty 1970 Triumph “Trophy 250”.

That’s the shift lever you’re looking at.  Left-side shift wasn’t required for motorcycles sold in the U.S. till 1975.

There was not a large number of motorcycles, this time out, possibly because a large number of motorcycle owners are actually football fans masquerading as riders. Who knows?  As Doug Kershaw might say, that’s not the matter that has matter.  All I know is it didn’t seem to increase my chances for a winning poker hand.

The Saturday poker run tends to be group activity with a lot of socializing going on during the ride.  Friday night, though, Jill and I had a ride planned for just we two, on the big yella bike, with music and socializing at the end of the ride, in the historic town of, Gruene, Texas.

As the date for the ride neared, we learned that our friend, singer-songwriter and accomplished guitarist, Michael O’Connor, would be performing with Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones at Gruene Hall, now officially in New Braunfels, Texas.
Well, once you cross Oso Bay, everything is close, and the opportunity to get up with Michael was, obviously, beyond coincidence, so the ride to Gruene became “to do”.

Arriving at Gruene, the first order of business was to get some grease.  We decided to stop at Oma Gruene’s Secret Garden, say howdy and get some of the excellent German fair they serve. German fair includes a bratwurst sandwich called “The Bohunk (a Czech favorite)” which, alone, was worth the trip. Along with our meal, we enjoyed live country music by
Aaron Einhouse before moseying over to the dance hall.

Gruene Hall, Texas’ oldest dance hall, is a special place.  Heavy-hitter entertainers from all-over, as well as lesser known, but equally talented local folks have performed, there. The atmosphere is friendly and whoever stocks it with beautiful Texas women  does one hell of a job.

Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones, accompanied by Michael O’Connor, set the very young to the very old to swaying and dancing.

After a warm reunion with Michael we had a very cool ride back to camp, where a therapeutic dunk in the hot tub was required to raise my core temperature.  Sixty degrees takes some easing into, for some of us.

Saturday a.m. we managed to get fed and start out on the poker run only slightly behind the others.  The route was familiar but I am still pleasantly surprised at how close to the big city, yet, how completely in the country the area is.

We stopped at the Double Ringer, in Zuehl, where anyone, or any thing, can have a good time.

Anyone can have a good time when Mean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards are performing, and that’s just they did and we had that night.

Sunday we began our return trek, stopping, first, in the historic town of Floresville, named for an early rancher whose four sons served Texas in the Revolution.  If you happen to be in Floresville and have a hankering for excellent Mexican food, reasonably priced and prepared and served by a competent staff, check out Jalisco Taqueria Mexican Restaurant, across from the county courthouse.

Jalisco Taqueria Mexican on Urbanspoon

(You can’t miss the courthouse, there’s a big peanut in front of it.) Floresville Peanut Festival

Fortified for the road, we retraced our route to the real world.

It was a weekend filled with good roads, great music, eyeful women,and delicious food.
I’m never leaving Texas.


Written by fiddle mike

October 4, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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  1. That trophy 250 is nice! Sounds like a pretty kicked back getaway.

    Jon risor

    October 4, 2010 at 6:39 pm

  2. An iteresting read with great pictures, Mike – I especially like the one of the bike heading down the road and the lady’s got her arms up in the air, that pretty much says it all – having a good time!

    Andrew aka the Rider

    October 13, 2010 at 10:39 pm

  3. Well I love bikes, and music of all sorts. But ya shoulda put in a pic of the beautiful Texas women. Being I’m a dirty ol man. Albeit harmless.
    You make Texas riding a need to do affair. Keep up the stories! I’ll get there.


    October 19, 2010 at 10:23 pm

  4. Did we see you wheeling through the Galveston area recently? Hope not cause you didn’t give us a call for the Nun Run you missed.


    October 22, 2010 at 7:39 am

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