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Friday morning saw the luckiest woman in Flour Bluff on her 750 Magna, riding out of that community, just a few yards ahead of the big yellow bike. We’d seen a little rain, that morning, but the sprinkles that remained were not enough to spoil the wash and wax I’d treated the yella Valkyrie to, the day before.

The same couldn’t be said of the rain we encountered sixty miles later, at the town of Woodsboro, that made me wish I’d given Jill a better opinion on the advisability of packing her rain gear. We took a Dairy Queen break rather than ride into what looked like limited visibility. Too, a new front tire I hadn’t had time to scuff in would have added risk to any emergency braking.

Riding under cloudy-to-overcast sky was a nice change from the typical heat we’d been experiencing. Another heavy shower slowed us down, forty miles later, outside the city of Victoria. Another forty-five miles put us under sunny skies.

I’d planned a scenic route that would take us through the town of Round Rock, where I’d hoped to lunch. The antique furniture racket in this area is huge business, probably third largest in the US. Huge vendor tents number in the hundreds and every pasture is rented out to antique dealers. All this activity has caused Round Top’s population to soar to ninety; new buildings are being constructed in the town square and the remaining restaurant’s owner thinks $9.50 is a reasonable price for a hamburger. We shook the dust of that place from our feet. Next year, Round Top will be just another pain-in-the-ass bottleneck to be endured on the way to the town of Burton.

Burton (pop. 300) has three restaurants. Burton Café’ is historically significant for several reasons, including its construction of metal siding designed and painted to look like brick. Bratwurst sandwiches hit the spot and the homemade deserts put the café’ on our return route.

We continued our mosey toward the rally. This part of east Central Texas is in the area designated “Lakes and Prairies”. At a point of our journey, Lake Somerville was visible from the road.

In good time, we arrived at the rally site, pitched our tent and howdied and shook with all the people we knew, and some we didn’t.

Saturday morning, we rode the poker run route, 121 miles of good roads, fine weather, great company and an interesting variety of motorcycles.

Friends showed up with this great chopper built in 1972 but confined, unridden, to a garage for years.

We’re told a motorcycle of this design has certain drawbacks in handling and ride, but the cool and fun factors clearly outweigh them.

These ladies not only had a cool ride, but whenever we stopped they exchanged their decorative helmets for snazzy-feathered top hats that would have felt at home at Mardi Gras.

The owner of this Shadow was camped next to us, so I had the chance to check out the very slick paint on his ride.

This Vulcan’s owner, on the other hand, opted out of flaming skulls and went with hot Betty.

There were some nice trikes on site, as well.

Our bud’s geezer glide has some nice airbrush work. We lunched at Four Corners BBQ, in Burton, on our last leg of the poker run..

Back off the main road we had to navigate what passes for a tunnel, in Texas.

Yeah, we were all the way out in the country.

  Back at the ranch, we drew our usual unremarkable hands and spent the rest of the day swimming and socializing.  The night was dedicated to dancing under the stars

Now, I wasn’t supposed to photograph inside the campground, but did manage a picture of Jill’s bike and her trophy for being the woman who rode her own bike the greatest distance to the rally. Shortly thereafter, we returned to Burton for breakfast strudel and made our way uneventfully back to the big Bluff.

We’re alive and in Texas


Written by fiddle mike

September 20, 2011 at 3:06 am

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  1. I always know when you’re talking about this event these days! I keep thinking “I’ll make it to east TX. next year for this event!” I dunno, money, time, Mom’s health always keeps me home. You guys sure seem to have some fun there. Makes me feel quite “alone” 🙂
    Well Mike…I’ll take my sad self outta here, and dream of going next year! Thanks for the update, I do like to read your blog …. each new installment.


    September 20, 2011 at 4:54 am

  2. Great photos Mike! What a cool chopper but I can only imagine what it must be like sitting right on top of that rear wheel with no suspension! But as you say, the cool and fun factor………….
    One question; why are you not supposed to take photos inside the campground?
    Looks like a great ride and a good time.

    Andrew aka the Rider

    September 20, 2011 at 2:33 pm

  3. Andrew, the camp is a “clothing optional” resort. The photo ban is to protect the privacy of attendees who opt to go bare legged.

    fiddle mike

    September 20, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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