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A Gathering of the Fools

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We packed our tent and an extra pair of socks and headed for the fifteenth annual, “Gathering of the Fools”, at the home of Hotglue and Flamingo Babe, south of Houston, TX.
These folks define hospitality.  Our bedroom was one of the best, no motels, for us.



Hotglue is a Renaissance man whose talents range from fabrication to preparing top-notch barbecue.  If you’re from Texas you know that’s not a claim made lightly.





The Gathering of the Fools is a much-anticipated event for members of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club, some of whom rolled in from as far away as California and Virginia.
The Honda GL1500 C, CT and Interstate is affectionately known to some as, “The Fat Lady” (advertisement: The Fat Lady Has Sung), and to others as, “The Dragon”.



As you can see, while we love our Valkyries, the gathering is hardly exclusive.  Some of Flamingo Babe’s cronies from the CanAm owners turned up, as well riders on Wings, Harleys, rockets and dual sports.





Saturday, the yard and the street began filling up with every description of Valkyrie.







The annual ride was dedicated to Laser Pat (GBNF); the route included a stop at this spacious bar and grill for lunch, drinks and socializing.




Back at the ranch, we wandered the bikes and found these beauties:





Some of the paint was fantastic:







The Super Bee bike is really slick and I had to capture it for a friend who is a fan of classic American cars.







This rider stood out in a sea of black Valkyrie Interstates.





Motor trikes were under represented.  This trike is owned by a woman who can take most riders to school, when it comes to riding the twisties.



The meal was fantastic, as per usual, and the fellowship was cold beer for the soul.
Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s been my experience that motorcycling folk are about as big-hearted as they come.  Hotglue informed us that he and his associates in the Lions Club support a camp for disabled children and asked that we also support the cause by participating in some fund raising activities at the Gathering.  We did.



What a weekend.  We had a wonderful time with Hotglue, Flamingo Babe and the good folks and their fine machines, we ate the way God intended and had the opportunity to support a great cause, as well.

South of I-10, we really got it made.





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April 3, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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