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Navasota, TX Ride

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Thursday, early afternoon, the Missus and I set forth on a ride to the vicinity of Navasota, Texas.  The weather could not have been better, and traffic in the towns we passed through was light.
Once we made camp, she took her place on the Valk’s  pillion, where she operated her camera with her usual skill.

We decided to ride into town to eat and get a few necessaries for the weekend;  we had to travel from off the beaten track to get to the State highway.

There are a few ranches and  a couple of very small, isolated, communities, out this way.

Once on the highway, we crossed the Brazos River.  Nearby is Washington-on-the-Brazos, site of the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

“The Filling Station” is our diner of choice, when in Navasota.  There’s good food, friendly, competent waitresses, and decor I can relate to.

And, they are motorcycle-friendly.



On our way back to camp, we stopped at the local store  for supplies;  no giant grocery monopoly, here.  Jill found Dino, outside, but I told her she’d probably have to explain to the younger set that he was not “Barney”.

We returned to the campground the way we came and settled in for the evening.



Friday, one of the neighbors had a little battery trouble.  His bud, being the conscientious biker he is, offer a jump start. .


 In spite of this help, the rider managed to get his bike road-worthy.  It’s amazing what some  campers bring along, including generators, laptops, fans and battery chargers.

Saturday morning, we set off on a 140-mile poker run, prize: $1000, but, being lucky in love, I didn’t expect to come away with anything more than a great ride with good company.



Cotton belt riding.

The old and the new.

Texas makes the biggest Ace bandages in the world.  Some are trucked to reducing plants in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Cotton modules, probably bound for Mexico.

Poke run stop.



The area roads were great, with  nice turns.  I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the lack of  fork seal-busting potholes, right at first, but I adapted.

Not interested in riding with the pack, we  rode along with a few people we’d met in years past.
Circumstances, being what they were, this lady arrived late, by cage, and without a helmet.   I’d taken my half-shell along, to wear in the poker run, so I volunteered my road helmet for her use.  I told her she might have to shim it up with a baseball cap, but the darned thing fit her!

There are no coincidences.

Other happy campers.

We stopped at Yankee’s Tavern, in Carlos, TX, and found this Harley-Davidson hanging from the ceiling.  No one could remember seeing one like this.
We continued on our way.
Back through Navasota town to our starting point.

We spent the remainder of our stay telling almost nearly true stories, and discussing whether time travel could be achieved by pressing together a certain number of nipples, but, that’s neither here, nor there.

There was more music and dancing, till we finally called that night a day an found our tent.

On our return trip, we stopped for lunch at the Oakridge Smokehouse Restaurant, in Schulenburg, TX.  Once seated, I decide to move the bikes around to where we could watch them from our table.



Jill has a real knack for photographing me when I’m not at my most photogenic, as when I get my boot hung up on the luggage and  seat of her motorcycle.

The ride home  was cloudy, but we didn’t encounter the heavy rain we’d anticipated, it must be all that clean living, paying off.

We’re alive, and in Texas.


Written by fiddle mike

September 16, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Posted in motorcycle

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  1. I always enjoy your photos and almost true stories Mike.
    That sexy granny on her bike would have been way more photogenic but you looked fine.

    Model T-Denny

    September 17, 2013 at 7:39 pm

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