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My Friend, Julie, emailed me the link to a website that shows who has the highest and lowest price per gallon of gasoline in a given zip code.

I checked my end of town. “Stripes” (Valero gas) has both the highest and lowest prices in Flour Bluff. I noticed that the store with the lowest price is down the street from Sunny’s Texaco. Sunny usually has the low price although the chart shows him at average.

I like to trade with Sunny because he’s a local businessman rather than some corporate drone.
He and his wife are Chinese and moved here and bought the Texaco station
when they were very young. I used to buy cheap cigarettes there, as well as gas.

Now, Sunny is one of those merchants who remembers his regulars and what they buy, while Joanne (her American name) had a harder time, at least at first. One day, Sunny and I were harassing her because she tried to sell me the wrong brand of smokes, ribbing her and saying that she didn’t care enough about her regular customers to remember what they bought. She got all flustered and burst out, “I can’t help it, you guys all look alike, to me!”

She tried to play it off like all bearded guys looked alike to her, but Sunny and I had great fun at her expense and called her a redneck.

This Moment In History has been brought to you by Dr. Fiddle ‘s Lotion
(cures the sick, lame, lazy, dyin’ and half-crazy) and Julie G.

Gas Prices by Zip Code


Written by fiddle mike

July 29, 2008 at 9:44 pm

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