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There are things learned on the road not read in books.

During my visit to Asheville I was learned that people convicted of DWI have their licenses suspended, but are permitted to operate motor scooters which cannot exceed 50 c.c. and 30 m.p.h.(legally: mopeds). These little scooters are commonly called “liquor cycles (likker sickles)”. Sure enough, once informed about “liquor cycles”, I noticed more Vespa scooters in downtown Asheville than I have in the whole of my own town of five times the population.

Well, believe it or not, some of the folks who violate the DWI statute seem to be anarchists at heart and promptly seek a way to get around the moped law. The local wrench has Vespa riders coming around his shop wanting “big bore” kits for their scooters, though I can’t imagine how much power one could add to a 50 c.c. engine.
It may not even matter, the object may just be to put one over on Big Brother.

I was told of one fellow, however, who seemed to put some thought into the whole situation and spent his money to better effect. He bought a 125 c.c. Vespa, then ordered 50 c.c. emblems for it. It’s a sleeper.

Too bad he doesn’t live in Spain.



Written by fiddle mike

February 15, 2008 at 3:13 am

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