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Camp Cooking:
This concentrates on cooking, not merely opening cans.
Natural whole ingredients. 

Food: There are plenty of good camp cookbooks out there if you wish specific recipes or you can adapt your own home recipes. We will list basics and an inventory, here.

Cooler: A folding ice chest is nice, especially if you are camped in one spot for a while, but it is not necessary to have everything on ice.

Foods that don’t require refrigeration:

Dip them in wax to seal them and they will keep for weeks without refrigeration. Use powdered eggs when eggs are an ingredient in a recipe.

Use small cans of condensed milk, or dried milk.
Dried is better for long trips., It’s lighter and you can use only what you need.

Most cheese doesn’t need refrigeration. Some keep better than others, Gouda better than Cheddar. Natural cheeses age and improve.

Apples keep well; some even improve with a little age. Dried fruit (buy in bulk and make your own mix)..

Many fresh vegetables will keep for a few days and, dried, even longer. Potatoes are versatile and keep well; tomato sauce is versatile and comes in re-seal plastic bags that are lighter than cans.

Small cans or, even lighter, packages, of meat, chicken or fish.

Small bottles of mustard or ketchup don’t need refrigeration. Small plastic squeeze bottles are great for canola and olive oil, honey, syrup or peanut butter. The small packages of condiments, including picante sauce, lemon juice and jellies from restaurants are handy, too. You may want to carry your own salt and pepper shakers rather than fool with the small paper packages.

Don’t forget the Tabasco.

Basic Food:
Keep the basic stuff in zip lock bags. Noodles, rice, spaghetti (broken into short pieces). Buy or make your own whole wheat baking mix for pancakes, crepes, cobbler, biscuits, dumplings and more.


Written by fiddle mike

July 21, 2012 at 1:33 pm

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